Corsica “Ile de beauté”

Santa Giulia Beach

Our trip to Corsica was amazing… It is such a beautiful island with many beaches and creeks. I would recommend visiting Santa Giulia and their breathtaking beaches, Palombaggia (Palm Beach), Porto Vecchio.

Corsica has 1,000 km of coastline and more than 200 beaches and is very mountainous as a matter of fact the most mountainous Mediterranean island. The low ground has a Mediterranean climate, summers are hot and dry. Winters are mild with moderate rainfall. The climate of the high ground is cold and is wetter. The natural vegetation is Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and shrubs. The mountains are rich of forests of oak, and pine, except for the high ground. Much of the coastal lowlands has been cleared for agriculture, which has reduced the mountain forests considerably. The island has a natural park (Parc naturel régional de Corse), which protects thousands of rare animal and plant species. The park was created in 1972 and includes the Golfe de Porto, the Réserve naturelle de Scandola (a UNESCO WORLD Heritage site), and some of the highest mountains on the island. This park is protected and that is the reason why this island is still at this time so surprisingly amazing .

These are the big towns to visit : (Corsican names)

Ajaccio (Aiacciu)
Bastia (Bastia)
Corte (Corti)
Sartène (Sartè)

and other towns and villages:

Saint-Florent (San Fiurenzu)
Calvi (Calvi)
L’Ìle Rousse (Isula Rossa)
Porto Vecchio (Porti Vechju)
Bonifacio (Bunifaziu)




We loved Porto Vecchio… a cute town which is also called the city of salt, because this one was built on salt-water marshes which were drained in order to develop itself. Corsican gastronomy is rich and varied. The most typical cheese is called brocciu and we just loved it!!! Also smoked ham which the most famous is figatelli is to die for!  

Corsica has a wine growing region like no other. The only island vineyards in France, they are over 2000 years old and bring together opposing elements.

The diversity of the soils and hillsides that are bathed in sunshine, the influence of the sea and the startling juxtaposition of the microclimates all leave their mark on wines and vineyards that cover a large part of the island.

So there you have it!!! Cheese, smoked ham and wine!!! The best combo to go along with your holidays in Corsica. Our stay in Corsica was the best experience ever and I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list!


Thank you for reading,

Sherri XOXO